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About the INTERVALUE Collaborative Platform

The INTERVALUE Collaborative Platform is a meta-repository of R&D results and a collaborative web-space facilitating the interaction between researchers, companies and experts, and supporting innovation by academic research. The Platform guides and supports the processes of collection, elaboration of detailed valorisation plans, and commercialisation of research results.

The Platform has three principal components:

  1. The Repository space: Research teams and technology providers from universities and research and technological institutions submit research outcomes that can lead to new products, production processes and services.
  2. The Valorisation space: A network of experts helps researchers to create valorisation plans for their R&D results covering technical feasibility, IP protection, market potential and funding potential, along the perspectives discussed in the previous section.
  3. The IP Agreements space: Research outcomes and valorisation plans are promoted to selected markets and brokerage events in view of achieving different forms of commercialisation agreement: new contracts, licenses, or equity. Online learning roadmaps, newsletters, models of IP agreements, and pilot applications create a learning environment guiding IP commercialisation.

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