Bulgarian inventor offers know-how for full representation of a sign (letter, digit, symbol) and information (text) in three-dimensional space. The offered know-how provides informational support for representation of trademark or other company visual signs when displaying on clothing, accessories, stands or other devices for three-dimensional indication. The inventor is looking for partners for further prototype and product range development.

The know-how is intended for representation of a visual sign and information in the three-dimensional space by clothing and fashion accessories. It is also suitable for informational support of a concept, design or/and trademark by using different kinds of prototypes, stands and mechanisms for three-dimensional indication.

A complex system of signs is used according to the purpose, the characterization/type of indication (letter, digit, and symbol) and information (text) on the clothing and around clothing that is to be displayed. The sign system consists of figures that are connected and are set in different positions or space dimensions.

The signs can be produced from different materials – textile, wood, metal, paper, plastic and others. The signs are connected structurally with a join part forming a sign system or a sign figure.

The arrangement of sign figures on the clothing and around the clothing depends on the direction, the content of the message and the level of perception of the customers.
The technology, depending on the concept of the design and the clothing can be integrated into the process of clothing manufacture, in displaying and advertising of clothes, fashion accessories, textiles and others. It could also be used to support and enhance the function of various devices and mechanisms for presentation and advertising of goods and services

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