Technical feasibility


SECTION I: Testing


1 Has the R & D result been tested?
YES Prototype, Method


The following question is replied according to the reply in question 1


If yes


1a In what mode has the result been tested?

•              Prototype

•              Pilot Application

•              Alpha/BETA testing


Bulgarian inventor offers know-how for full representation of a sign (letter, digit and symbol) and information (text) in three-dimensional space. The offered know-how provides informational support for representation of trademark or other company visual signs when displaying on clothing, accessories, stands or other devices for three-dimensional indication.

The proposed method and the prototype arrangement could be used in many differed fields, such as advertising, packing industry, multifarious games and applied schemes. A sign figure for three dimensional representation consist of static, connected among themselves sign frames, with different sizes, characterized with the fact, that it displays the face of one sign as second and third dimension of the identical sign simultaneously in the three dimensions of the space. This is a complex of at least three, equal by form sign frames, which are connected at least one joint point and one side among themselves. They can be implemented as letters, digits, drawings and other figurative elements or as a combination of the abovementioned.

1b. Please describe and discuss the testing results
The added difference in each sign simultaneously in all three dimensions of the space grows the visualization effect of the stand, especially when the observer is moving and looking from different locations. It also adds accessibility and comfort in the application of the sign figures, letters, symbols, etc.


SECTION 2: Current Stage of Development


2a To what extent does the development team have technical resources for supporting the production of a new product? (Researchers, human resources, hardware, etc. )
The inventor managed to create and describe a working method and model for expressive displaying of different figures, including signs, digits, symbols, etc. All this situated as 3-D space combination of frames. The researcher has all the knowledge and abilities to further develop and implement the models. It has all necessary equipment for the task.
2b What are the technical issues that need to be tackled for full deployment, if needed?
The 3-D model is ready in full for implementation in different applications, such as advertisement displays, various 3-D games and computer based models, packaging industry, etc. All the mathematical and technical data sources has been prepared and recorded.



2c What additional technical resources are needed for the production of this new product?
There aren’t any additional technical resources needed for providing the know-how of the models.


2d Overall assessment of the current stage of technical development.
The working prototype proved the method and the technical details behind it. The model could be successfully implemented as a decision for emphasized three-dimensional visualization of different products, symbols, trademark names, cloths, packages, products, etc.


SECTION 3: Deployment

3a Define the demands for large scale production in terms of
  • Materials
All the materials necessary for preparing the required signs, frames, symbols, etc. are widely used. They are various textiles, plastics, metals, wood, paper and other suitable. There aren’t special requirements towards the raw materials. In fact this is one of the advantages – any type of material could be used for the representation of the product.



  • technologies, tools, machineries
The necessary for the implementation of the 3-D module frames could be produced using conventional tooling and are hand made in general.



  • Staff effort
The inventor has the full know how and abilities to provide close monitoring and control during the production process. However the preparation of the modules and stands require some technicians’ workforce.




SECTION 4: Overall Assessment


1 What is you overall assessment of the technical feasibility of the research result?
The proposed model for three dimensional representations of signs, letters, symbols, digits, etc. is fully prepared, tested, IP protected and proved its efficiency in displaying the necessary visual information in a more distinguishing way.



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