Valorisation Plans for R&D Results

A network of experts help researchers to create valorisation plans exploring the technical feasibility, IP protection, market potential and funding of the R&D Results.

Recently Updated Valorisation Plans

  • Agronomic sustainability for quality of the durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) chain in the province of Teramo
  • Enhancement of technological properties of minor cereals
  • Enhancement of technological capabilities of extra virgin olive oil for formulation development and healthy food high-quality impact
  • Process Analytical Technology: Creating a professional dedicated to process control in food processing sector
  • Oenological microbiota: selection to identify the wine character and to improve the competitiveness of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo wineries
  • Development of an electronic nose based on gold nanoparticles bearing peptides. Application to the process control of artisanal beers
  • Evaluation of essential oils effects on the reduction of potentially mycotoxigenic moulds in traditional fermented meats.
  • Developing solutions bioconservanti aimed at controlling the microbial growth in meat vacuum packed and chilled
  • Advanced sensing materials based on biomimetic receptors anchored on highly-conjugated molecular platforms
  • Quality and shelf life of dry fermented goat sausage: a new perspective of market (halal e non halal) for companies
  • Study of the relationship between physical properties and release of volatile aroma compounds in food systems
  • Application of chromatographic techniques for the enhancement of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo quality
  • Technological and functional characterization of local genetic resource for biodiversity valorisation
  • Development of sustainable livestock systems in respect of welfare animal, recovery and enhancement of biodiversity conservation of the and typical products
  • Software for advanced artificial vision
  • An INTERVALUE Valorisation Plan
  • A platform to support semantic web content production
  • A tool to support SME operations in IPR management
  • Enhancement of quality products and production systems through a regional integrated scientific-research company
  • Gastro-intestinal strongyles affecting cattle and horses: territorial monitoring and molecular identification of parasitic populations

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