Development of an accessibility framework architecture and prototype Application Programming Interface (API) for mobile devices, through the modification of the existing accessibility aspects, where applicable, in order to provide accessible services over a range of mobile platforms (i.e. mobile phones, PDA’s, etc.). Next to the architecture and API, accessibility support will be achieved through the implementation of the accessibility API on Graphical User Interfaces components (of the Java Micro Edition CDC and CLDC), in order to provide a set of user interface component sets for mobile devices, that will contain built-in support for accessibility ready for exploitation and for use in accessible mobile applications/services.   

·       The project team


Advisor’s Name:  Kostas Kalogirou
Phone: 0030-2310498461
Expecting date of valorization plan submission:  Depends on further development

·       Identification of R&D activity

Acronym: Nom.A. with U.Pro.Me. (Nomadic Applications with User Profile Mechanism)
Author of the R&D result: Dr. E. Bekiaris (, Kostas Kalogirou (
Company or University:  CERTH/HIT
Phone: 0030-2310498461
Sector:  Software design and development
Type of the R&D result:  Prototype


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