The AFM, atomic force microscopy is a scanning probe microscopy, to analyze high resolution (at the nanometer level) the three-dimensional morphology of a sample.
Microscopy SECM (Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy and Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy) uses a microelectrode to measure the current in an electrolyte solution near a conductive or insulating substrate, allowing the electrochemical characterization of the substrate and chemical reactions on the interface solid / liquid or liquid / liquid.
The resolution in microscopy SECM traditional pear ‘limited by the size of the probe on one side (the limit of spatial resolution), and second, the small amount of power that can be accurately measured.
These two techniques are often microscopic spread and that is why the idea of studying a possible technique combined AFM-SECM between the two to analyze the chemical and physical processes on the surface of a sample.



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