Building a biomass boiler fired by solid fuel that can be powered from all possible sources of renewable energy such as wood pellets, wood chips, coal, manure for heating and water and health, with characteristics of high efficiency and safety. Making a heating system for domestic use and exploit a fireplace with low maintenance requirements, reducing the amount of unburned materials and increasing energy efficiency. The long experience of THERMOMECHANICS  LODDO meant that the simplicity of the principles of hydraulics and thermodynamics was applied to the creation of a  product that fuses the chimney of a boiler to the performance of last generation. Aladino, he first fireplace capable of producing the heat of a boiler, maintaining the characteristics of a conventional open hearth.

Study, research, prototyping and production of components and devices for carrying out a combustion chamber with high efficiency heating and heat flow between the hydraulic flow heated.

The special internal structure forces the flame to invade the 100% of the area. The flow direction harnesses the power of fire by optimizing combustion, eliminating unburned carbon residues and harmful. A large thermal flywheel ensures considerable autonomy even fire is out. Combining the use of traditional fireplace to heat home in order to have hot cheaply water and an efficiently system.

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