ArchaeoScene-3D aims to assist archaeologists dynamically review/revisit an excavation site and its contents, re-evaluate their actions in the field, compare, and analyze the complex archaeological information and built interpretation in a data-led synthetic manner.

Archaeologists and Cultural Resource Management experts constitute the targeted user groups. Their requirements and analytical needs were placed in the centre of the system’s design process allowing the incorporation of their regular practices in the proposed digital workflow.

A suite of customised methodologies (compatible with excavation theory and current field practices) allow data recording in the field. System’s functionality is based on three critical elements: (i) the development of an explicit data model for georeferenced archaeological data, (ii) effective recording and handling of spatial entities in 3D and (iii) the development of 3D tools for intra-site analysis and stratigraphic reconstruction.

The system is built around a sophisticated geo-data model (based on CIDOC-CRM ISO 21127 semantic standard) that simulates archaeological reasoning and supports the GIS representation of archaeological data in a custom 3D cartographic environment. Through the custom archaeologically centred visualization environment, the archaeologists are able to dynamically approach archaeological evidence through various visual and analytic perspectives.

The entire digital process has the advantage of being implemented on a single GIS software platform. Hardware and field recording equipment demands are minimal and visualization modelling processes are rapid, allowing a cost-effective solution for the formation and management of an excavation digital archive.

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