Reduce the consumption of methane for the hating of aggregates and bitumen in the production of asphalt. Create electricity contributing to the productive cycle of the asphalt. The operating site of Controguerra summarizes the history of SO.CA.BI. From the production of asphalt, still prevalent reason of the site, the plant was integrated firstly with an articulated activity of materials recovery, then it has evolved with the heat recovery from the production of electricity, from this starting point, cogeneration was born. Generate electricity and contribute to the production cycle of the asphalt is a double objectives reached with a cogeneration plant powered from plant biomass that recovers the heat in order to use during the manufacture of bituminous conglomerate.

In the plant of Controguerra the production process of asphalt was powered exclusively by natural gas. For months Socabi started the cogeneration plant: in this way, the company may use renewable sources such as Abruzzo vegetable oil rapeseed, palm and sunflower. It is a system that can increase the returns on heat recovery and reduce the consumption of fuels.

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