Most people have met the initial problem when on the beach (seaside, lake shore, etc.) especially in summertime you do not feel comfortable to leave your valuables unattended when you want to go in the water. This is a critical problem if no surveillance or lockers are available (in most cases no). It is a typical case, when a couple or a family is having a holiday on the waterside, and wanting to have a bath altogether in the same time. Their valuables and belongings (keys of the apartment, car keys, money, credit cards, IDs, mobile phone, etc.) will be unattended, and thieves could take those away. This is a special field of security applications, since the bathing suits and swimsuits are not appropriate to carry all our valuables in the water, and wet environment is something which would need extra resources to be added.


The proposed product considering its core solution is a combination of a sunshade stand and a personal safe. The stand could be moved, but it is quite heavy. The decision was made on the sunshade stand, because – if the safe is secure enough – the sunshade with a heavy stand  is something, which is much harder to get away with in silence than only with some valuables. The idea behind this combination is that some kind of a sunshade stand is already a part of the waterside picture.

The lockable box is made of stainless steel and concrete, which determine the weight of the stand.

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