Functional drinks are drinks that provide health benefits beyond basic nutrition due to certain physiologically active components. These drinks may help prevent disease, reduce the risk of developing disease, or enhance health. Consumer interest in functional foods and drinks increases steadily together with the advance in the nutrition sciences and health care service.
The Pilot laboratory for research and development of new functional N2O enriched drinks consists of module installation for extraction and purification of Biologically Active Substances (BAS – vitamins, antioxidants, precursors, etc.), modules for degasification and subsequent absorption of N2O in the liquid phase of the extracts, as well as complete technical and construction specifications in line with the Law on Medicinal Products for Human Use and the Good Manufacturing Practice.


The method for production of functional plant, energizing, anti-depressive and euphoric sparkling beverages is according our own ‘know how” and Bulgarian patent for invention № 66092/2011 with priority V.2008г. and is based on the usage of N2O gas and optimized parameters for its absorption in a gas phase and desorption in the liquid drink, in a specific, liquid, pre-deaerated dispersed absorption medium-galenic bio- and phyto-products (mixtures; malt extracts- boza, fermentated malt drinks- beer; juices and fresh plants extracts; which contains purposeful complex of specific plant biologically active substances (BAS), and is standardized for their markers. For a sweetener and/or energizing substance the bio-product honey containing a complex of BAS could be used. At present time the N2O gas (АТС: N01AX00) is in the category of substances with well-established applications in the medical practices and is not included in the list of the narcotic substances and precursor. Further it is approved for including in foods and drinks as Е 942 additive with specific criteria and requirements for purity.
The removal of the СО2 from the traditional sparkling drinks removes the opportunity for production of carbonic acid in the gastrointestinal tract, which in addition to irritation of the stomach via increased production of hydrochloric acid, also causes dilatation of the mucosae of the small intestines, which speeds up the transition of the liquid in the blood and with time leads to dilatation of the hearth ventricles and the thickness of their wall. The sweet taste of the N2O harmonizes and brings out the sour and slightly bitter taste of the biologically active substances, and the fact that it is harmless and has euphoric effect could increase the customers interest.

The liquid dispersed absorbs medium- complex phytopreparates that are created for purpose.
1. According to the used BAS with a pharmacological properties synergic with the properties of the N2O and
2. According to BAS technologically improving its absorption and decreasing the rate of its desorption.

The decreasing in the viscosity and surface tension because of the included natural surface active substances and the increased relative density from the extracts with BAS,
improve the absorption of N2O, and allow its concentration in the drinks to increase proportionally with constant other parameters and purposefully delay the desorption of N2O from the liquid drink after its packaging has been opened as well as after it has reached the destination.

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