BLUE-ARCHEOSYS – is a project of technological research and development co-funded by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) in the field of innovative technologies and advanced in support of underwater archaeology.

The innovative aspects of the system BLU-ARCHEOSYS concern:

-          the application of innovative tools of high technology vision, used in an integrated manner to to allow a more comprehensive and complete measures on the finding as well as having applications in several sectors (underwater search, reverse engineering in situ, seismology, etc..);

-          the traceability of the operations taking into account times and costs;

-          the application of a quantitative approach to scientific areas still covered in an empirical way;

-        optimization of the definition and methodology of intervention programs on underwater sites, for the protection, research, impact assessment and risk (for example, the archaeological risk);

-          the definition of a tool for morphological capable of collecting volume data, surface, and imaging

-    the definition of data-fusion methodology that allows to integrate data collected using characterization morphological machine and /or coming from other tools to get through inference, new information about the status of the find under investigation the sectorial trasversality in system’s applicative terms.

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