The establishment of a bio-resource based economy has been recognised as one of the key issues for sustainable rural development . Intelligent use of biomass is providing opportunities for new and innovative industries, strengthens rural economies and agriculture, reduces the dependence on fossil fuels and improves security of supply, while at the same time reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions thereby contributing to fulfilment of EU’s obligations to Kyoto agreement and complying with the new EU strategy on biofuels production . In contrast to traditional practises, where parts of crops are used for fuel or food production, the whole crop can be used to produce multiple product streams such as fuels and chemicals. A key to accessing the integrated production of chemicals, materials and fuels is the development of a bio-refinery concept.

The solution is described by the following activities:
Development of new enzymatic transesterification process for biodiesel production for more environmentally sound, biodiesel production technology.
Development of technology for production of high value-added products, i.e. chemicals, food, feed for improving the overall biorefinery economy.
Development of optimised 2nd generation technology for conversion of the rapeseed straw to ethanol.
Optimization of wastewaters treatment by development of a two steps process for biohydrogen and biomethane production from the process wastewaters for full process recycling, i.e. zero waste process.
System analysis and integration based on Life-Cycle – assessment for comparison of the different process chains from well to product for evaluation of the process sustainability.

Application areas:
Development of innovative technology for rapeseed crop production, harvesting, storage and transport for significant reduction of feedstock production costs.
Development of new rapeseed enzymatic oil release technology for better recovery of high value-added products and high quality oil, from oilseed processing.

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