Briquetting is high-energy consumption process as it requires reaching high pressure and achieving certain level of humidity of the end product that has to be dried. The briquetting installation usually are powered (in the drying phase by gas and liquid fuels that increase the price of the briquettes.
When it comes to recycling of tires one of the end products is char that is the destroyed remains of the original carbon black used to reinforce and provide abrasion resistance to rubber. The solid stream also includes the minerals used in rubber manufacturing. This high volume component of tire pyrolysis, until recently, has made the economic viability very difficult to achieve. The process also requires extensive heat generation by burning gas or liquid fuels.


The presented technology suggests combination of the two processes that leads to significant safe of additional fuels use and decreases the price of the final product – the briquettes. Other significant novelty of the technology is the idea for production of customized coal briquettes by combining the raw materials and adhesives thus increasing the potential market of the production.
„Installation of briquettes” used in its processes of drying the briquettes oil, which is obtained through the high temperature decomposition of tires by pyrolysis. Carbon from the tires is included in the composition of the briquettes.
Production of high-coal briquettes from scrap with good strength characteristics and lower cost.
The process uses coal dust and fines fractions 0-5mm and 0.10 mm, for the production of the briquettes, which can be used either for industrial purposes or household use /as solid fuel for heating boilers and furnaces/. For raw materialsit is used low-calorie lignite coal from the country, and coke dust.
The technology is leading. It offers production of customized briquettes for households and mainly industrial purposes.
The product is also environment friendly and follows the newest trends in the sector. It meets the EU standards as well.

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