As nowadays the renewable energy sources usage is with high importance, the R&D result proposed addresses the consistent generation of electricity from sea waves.


A Reverse-dynamo consists of a reel with a coil of rope on the outer edge and a spiral spring attached to the axle on the inside. When the rope is pulled, the reel is rotated about its axis, and movement is transmitted by belt or gear dynamo that produces electricity. Releasing the rope through spool rotates back to its baseline position, while forward movement in a manner already described by the dynamo, which again produces electricity. Reverse-dynamo in this form can produce electricity from sea waves with motion incited by the waves in both directions.

The system is attached to a floating buoy, which in turn is fixed to the bottom by an anchor. When buoy begins to rise with the incoming wave wall, the spool tugs on the rope and leads the dynamo to generate electricity. On exiting the loop, the reel is wound back leading to forward movement of the dynamo thus generating electricity again. The same floating buoy can be attached by its upper part by a rope to the gangways and port facilities as a hanging rope and stretched due to its own weight. Additional electricity can be produced through photovoltaic cells and wind turbines attached to the buoy.
The Black Sea is renowned for its short, sharp waves which are almost constant throughout the year, making it very favorable for the use of such facilities producing clean electricity from renewable sources Thus, a Reverse-dynamo in this form can produce electricity from sea waves. Easy to produce, cheaper to maintain and repair, capable of producing electricity from solar, wind and waves simultaneously

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