The captor was designed for simultaneous measurement of both tangential and axial dynamic components of the cutting force at internal grinding. The invention is patented in Romania (patent no. RO 118823 B).


From all surface finishing processes, the technological processes of grinding in general and internal grinding in particular require a series of specific working conditions due mainly to the dynamic instability of the process, but also due to the variation of the axial and tangential components caused by variation of the grinding allowance.
Under these circumstances it is required to ensure process stability by controlling the magnitude of the two forces.
The captor is comprised of a mobile bushing (1) in which the workpiece (2) is mounted and provides transmission of the grinding force components to a set of electro tensometric transducers for measuring. For tangential force measurement, the angular motion of the mobile bushing (1) is transmitted to the elastic components (4) by means of the threaded rods (6) and detectors (5). For axial force measurement the translation of the mobile bushing (1) is transmitted to the elastic elements (7) by means of a central axle mounted on the adjustable bushing (9).

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