The “castrato” meat has the following characteristics: high muscle to fat ratio, tenderness, good muscle texture and tasty but not strong flavor. Orchiectomy is necessary to produce the real “castrato”meat. Neutering as any surgery, is a stressfull event which can cause a growth delay or a decrease of the weight gain curve. Husbandry production is influenced by several factors such as management habits and certain kind of surgery, as orchiectomy. The effects of these procedures on the weaving factory and on its products are examined in order to change and select the best management practices to improve production quality.

Research aims at evaluating the effect orchiectomy on weight gain and on carcass traits on male ovine slaughtered at 1 year of age; this is in order to determine the real influence of this kind of surgery on the production of “castrato”meat which is very appreciated in Abruzzo, possibly having the purpose to write up a production manual.

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