Strongyles (Nematoda, Strongylida) affecting cattle and horses are presently recognized as the most important helminth parasites of these animals. Cattle gastro-intestinal strongyles are of paramount importance in the bovine clinical practice, as they affect animal health and welfare and cause significant economic losses to the livestock industry through abortion, reduced milk production, losses in weight and fertility, and poor leather quality.

The results of this R&D will provide the basis for developing appropriate programs of prophylaxis, in order to contribute revaluating environmental and animal resources. Enhanced knowledge of the parasitic populations present and the reduction of the use of ineffective drugs will be central to reduce the impact on the environment and the contamination of the animal origin food due to the use of ineffective drugs, thus protecting the consumers, the public health and the environment, and to preserve health and welfare of horses, which are bred for a range of different purposes.

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