The traditional method for the preparation of the prototypes is the one that foresees  the realization  embodiment of a model made by hand through the use of gypsum and the subsequent production of models  for industrialized production. With this design there is a speeding up of the product with a industrialization of the same, because basically the prototype is achieved directly from the drawing without passing through the computerized modelling done by hand, with a considerable saving of time and costs.

The prototype with traditional methods requires highly specialized personnel for the prototype in chalk is virtually handmade from a simple drawing. After the study and implementation of the prototype in chalk, and therefore following the responses of the client, the process of constructing the model in plaster. In constructing the model, all handmade, NUOVA SMA applies all his experience, materializing the technical drawings, produced in response to a study of shrinkage of the mix (during drying and firing) and deformation that are deemed appropriate. Given the nature of their target customers, both domestic and international, suggests the need to bring to the market effective products in terms of reliability and functionality and will not play, in terms of competition, solely on low costs. This implies, however, the need to focus on innovation, both technological and process.

The sanitary ceramics, created with the help of modern  techniques and innovative, the result of long experience, studies and research programs, aiming at the development and technological evolution. Starting from a 3D CAD design made to the computer you can go instead to the prototype or the model increased, with the help of numerical control machines that milled from a solid, thereby obtaining the product with the desired surface finish, or by the ‘use of “3-D printer (rapid prototyping). The prototype model-routed due to its rapid implementation and the quality of the surfaces, is also used for exhibitions and / or presentations functional and aesthetic, so they can anticipate in advance the functionality and impact on the market that is targeted, with big benefits Economic and time for the company.

As regards the  purely innovative benefits they will be as follows:

  • a drastic reduction of production time,
  • speeding through the entire production process,
  •  energy savings not only as a convenience to the specific. Company  but also in terms of environmental impact.

So NUOVA SMA will provide  also the development of the prototype by carefully testing on the various technical solutions and international regulations. Anything to help the client so that it can effectively assess its  application and will possibly review it with the designer and also because it can immediately estimate the target market.

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