Potential market

SECTION I: The product


The innovation potential of this product is related to:

  • Technology-driven innovation (under the influence of the development of science – the market is not ready for the product)
  • Market-driven innovation (as a result of market surveys, the market expects the product)
  • Replacement of existing product
  • Product related to cost reduction
  • Radical new product
  • Other, what…
This result derives primarily from the tendency that provides a current economic engineering of all the production processes in order to minimize the costs and production times.
With the use of these innovative products can be exceptional results in a very short time, in compliance with all legislation, both nationally and internationally, as well as, the requirements of functionality and durability of which must be provided. Very important is the fact that one can very quickly to see if it is a new product compared to those on the market and with very high potential to succeed in domestic and international markets.


What added value for end-users does the product hold?
• higher quality
• Better technical characteristics
• Other …
The value added is to produce a high quality technical elements functional in compliance with applicable laws, both national and international, as well as a product with lower production costs compared to traditional processes.


What is the Unique Sales Proposition of the potential product?
The market for the production of sanitary ceramics, like all alternative categories related to the field of civil construction in the last decade has observed a very heavy decrease, this led to an increased focus on innovative products, durable and functional, with the characteristics necessary marketing for a large scale and internationally. Based on the above is necessary to have new products, and qualified to design ever more competitive prices, so you can excel in the difficult international market.

SECTION 2: The Market


What is the target market for the product? Please describe the characteristics of your target market.þ National

þ European


The main objective is to create products that can compete at national market, not under estimating the international one, and that can be in conformity with the parameters required for all end users. The main advantage derives from the possibility of realizing low-cost prototypes whose main attraction at a commercial level can be tested almost immediately by the suggestion that already raises the first impact of the manufacturers.


How the product is characterized from the following options? Number of companies producing similar products in the field.• Base – applied by all companies in the industry

• Leading – applied by a single or limited number of competitive companies

• Key –at a development stage, but has already proven its potential

Companies operating in this area are very limited at the national level, and many of them are still tied to traditional technologies which can not succeed, very often, the idea as perfectly conceived and designed by the artist.


What type of market demand will be satisfied?• Existing demand – the market is already developed

• hidden (latent) demand – the market has yet to be developed

Surely the market in which this company exists and is increasing demands on product innovation and marketing at the international level,  dealing  with the awful global economic crisis that has hit our country.


What is the current stage of the product’s market life cycle?• Implementation, implementation in production (leading to a radically new product offers)

• Growth (rapid spread within the industry or outside it)

• maturity (parameters of the technical characteristics of manufactured products reached their maximum, higher-grade products can be manufactured on the basis of technological substitution)

The product offered by this company is not a new product or a product classifiable in growth, but essentially a question of innovation in construction, which,  in synthesis,  it allows  to create new products, better qualified and more speed. This allows users to new products have highly skilled and low cost.


Strategic partnerships (existing or potential).
A strategic partnership could be achieved with design companies in general, to increase the production of prototypes, however, saw the growing demand for qualification of production in general.

SECTION 3: The Competition


What is the competition within your target market?
In Italy there are few companies able to compete in this area, but not all have innovated their production process, also saw the large initial investment to provide sustainable and not with mere provision of a service to third parties. It is therefore necessary, as in our case, focus on design, development and product innovation to make it more attractive on the market and at the same time so make it attractive to manufacturers.


What competitive advantages will the introduction of the new product ensue?• lower prices based on lower production costs

• product differentiation (uniqueness of the product proposal)

The production of the prototype through a fast prototyping allows more  advantages starting from the lowest prices on the basis of lower production costs, the differentiation of the product (unique proposed product), a drastic reduction of production times, an increase of entire production process, a reduction of waste materials and energy saving not only as a specific benefit to society but also in terms of environmental impact.


Potential products relate to the following price range:• High price range

• Average price range

• Low price range

Being a product of new technology but with raw materials traditional it should be in a medium price range.


Potential products will be marketed:• To regulated markets (e.g. heat supply, water supply, universal telecommunication services, agricultural products, fishing industry, architectural services)

• To markets operating on the principle of free negotiation between agents on the market

The product is among those sold in the markets where operate in the principle of free contracting between market participants.

SECTION 4: Indicators

Estimated cost of the new products 1.600,00€ cad/med
Expected market volume (potential / maximum number of users) 350 per year, on local market
Expected sales volume 560.000,00 €/year
Expected market share of the company (proportion between sales and total company sales in the relevant market) 75 % of the local market;35% of the International market,


Added-value potential






Size of future market demand






Competitive positioning of the product






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