The Linked Data Ministry of Citizen Protection project is part of an attempt to form the first Greek LOD cloud. It contributes in the formation of this cloud with two datasets being built with open, public data originating from the Hellenic Police and the Fire Brigade departments. Both of these Datasets are published and interconnected in the Greek LOD cloud with two other closely related Greek Datasets, the elDBpedia core hub and Diaugeia. Additionally, the datasets of this work also connect to other foreign Datasets of the global LOD cloud which is a superset of the Greek cloud.

Considering the informational value hidden in the vast amounts of open data in the public administration sector and the potential of Linked Data enabled applications of the Semantic Web, it becomes clear that any resulting innovative services would involve the utilization of huge amounts of open public data. Exploiting information of such value and magnitude is currently supported by Semantic Web technologies and tools which are continuously enhanced and updated.

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