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Please provide a short description of the state-of-the-art and/or current trends in the field? How does the result fit into it?

Cloud computing represents a new way of thinking about the delivery of computing capabilities that brings us closer to the vision of utility computing, and is bringing about a revolution in the field of IT. In a recent report by the European Commission’s DG for Information Society & Media, cloud computing was identified as the single most important trend to reshape the field of IT in the years to come. 

The use of cloud application platforms (i.e. public or private Platform as a Service environments) for the development and deployment of web applications is a market that is currently being shaped and is expected to emerge as an important part of the IT landscape in the coming 3-7 years. As the number of public and private cloud platforms increases, and their use is expanding, governance in cloud application platforms is anticipated to become increasingly recognized as a challenge to be addressed.



What is the problem/need/knowledge gap that the research result is responding to?  How was it addressed before?

The R&D result in question is a conceptual framework and prototype software system facilitating a structured and highly automated approach for governance in cloud application platforms. It is aimed to help cloud platform administrators to maintain visibility over the software entities deployed on a platform, their interdependencies and their lifecycle states, the behavior of remotely deployed third-party Web services that locally-deployed applications may depend on, and to ensure the validity of all entity-related artefacts with respect to various platform policies. 

For the time being, the number of (public) cloud application platform providers is relatively limited, and there is lack of publicly-available information or literature concerning the way in which each provider is addressing the issue of governance. The limited amount of information that is publicly available suggests that platform administrators are currently addressing the issue of governance through ad-hoc solutions, such as combinations of custom-developed or third-party software tools for version control, software testing and configuration and change management.



What is the potential for further research?

The R&D result presents a lot of potential for future research and improvements in a number of directions: 

  • Extending the system such that it becomes compatible with artefacts and processes supported by a range of cloud application platforms
  • Improving the system’s mechanisms for policy representation and enforcement
  • Improving the system’s mechanisms for external service monitoring

Researchers at the Information & Knowledge Management research cluster of SEERC, in which the R&D result was developed, are already working on some of those directions.



What is the proposed method of IPR-protection? (patent, license, trademark etc.)

The nature of the R&D result is software; therefore patents do not apply as a means of IPR protection, at least at a European level.



What are the steps that need to be taken in order to secure the IPR-protection? What is the cost of IPR-protection?




What is you overall assessment of the scientific maturity of the research result?

The scientific maturity of the R&D result is considered adequate to justify further investment in research and development. As already said above, governance in cloud application platforms is anticipated to become increasingly recognized as an important challenge to be addressed, as the number of public and private cloud platforms increases, and their use is expanding. The R&D result is addressing an important emerging technology space.

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