The knowledge of the basic intellectual, emotional or mental relations between objects within the environment, information about position, desired location, amounts, measures, emotions etc., are all bound up with the concept of cognition; a basic component of human way of finding things in our mind. There are several people living in the world (approximately 100 million) who are struggling with problems regarding their cognition skills.

One of the outstanding results of the past decades is the start of a brand-new social process, under which it seems to be ensured that all people are equal and equally likely to be able to participate in the world. Unfortunately, there were and there are severe problems with the “implementation”.

In this project we would like to find answers with the help of a software for a problem existing in Hungarian and European legislation system:

  • regular re-measurement of mentally handicapped people’s intellectual level
  • and in case of any deficiencies skills development and therapy.

According to cognition science expert there are development fields, which are have to be stimulated:

  • general basics (letters, numbers, colors, …)
  • household skills (food, hygiene, …)
  • community life (shopping, transport, …)
  • official administration (mail, personal documents management, …)

These fields are also the main fields in our research to build a better world for all of us.

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