Born for personal needs of their own laboratories grew up in the years of life, the system has been upgraded in hardware and software solutions to be now one of the most complete home automation products available on the market. Con-Tact ®, in addition to other similar functions of product already on the market, incorporates elements of functionality to cover a market segment that goes from the apartment to industry go through villas, offices, shops,  malls, residences, hotels, rehabilitation centers, etc.

The basic elements that are part of the solution are: management utilities, management climate, security controls, alarms, access control, video surveillance, in addition it provides services-oriented to communication technologies today available, such as SMS, E-Mail, Internet.

The objective is to manages all the home consumptions on the basis of a yearly energetic plan with the limit imposed by the energy suppliers.

Con-Tact ® is an hardware and software solution able to control the yearly energetic consumptions on a budget base for house with electric energy supply only. Con-Tact ® is a system that automates a stable system with a simple, reliable and intuitive use. A system-wide-Touch ® is connected by a communication bus. The fundamental purpose of the BUS is to achieve the simplest physical and logical connection between the terminal devices.

Con-Tact ® is:

  • SIMPLE for those who use it, or if you get because it is based on windows platform;
  • VERSATILE because it is applicable to any type of building without adaptation;
  • All designed to complete because of the installations;
  • ECONOMIC to its standard line style without preconditions, aims to essential and leaves complete flexibility in the choice of components to be used.

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