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COPERT is a user-friendly MS Windows software application to calculate emissions from road-transport. The software contains all necessary emission factors, the methodology and calculation algorithm to estimate total road-transport emissions on a national, regional or urban level at a year to day-long time resolution. COPERT is the reference software at a European level for the calculation of air pollutant emissions at a national level. It is used officially by 22 out of the 27 European member states. Its development has been supported by the European Environment Agency and is currently also further funded and developed by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission

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COPERT provides emission factors for all pollutants from road transport vehicles, including exhaust (CO, HC, NOx, PM,…)and non-exhaust (fuel evaporation and PM from tyre and brake wear) emissions. Practically all vehicle types and technologies are covered, from small mopeds and scooters to heavy-duty vehicles exceeding 50t. The user needs to provide basic information on the operating vehicle stock and activity level in the area considered

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