In recent decades has greatly increased the prevalence of diseases of cattle septic finger, probably related to altered farming techniques. Studies carried out in herds of dairy cows lie finger disease, in third place in terms of economic damage after infertility and mastitis.
The treatment of these diseases involves an important economic engagement relative to the cost of drugs, labor and the loss of milk both in terms of lost production waste due to the presence of antibiotic residues. Currently on the market there are many molecules to be used systemically with zero residue in milk, but with high costs and limited effectiveness since the amount of active substance that reaches the digital district is low and often insufficient. For the effective resolution of these diseases is needed a tie of hooves and a physiological regional treatment of the injured part.

The results of the research will identify and describe the technique of intravenous regional antibiotic perfusion more effective in the treatment of septic digital lesions of dairy cattle.
This may allow to reduce the costs and the use of antimicrobial drugs connected to the treatment of subjects with disorders podal.

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