In the current market status, most marinas offer a variety of services mostly related to backoffice solutions for marina management and reservation systems. Usually, services targeted to clients(yatch owners) are very rare, as many yatch owners choose to use the marina mostly as a parking and maintenance place and spend their holidays time either in near tourist destinations or in near areas. In that sense, the average revenue for the marinas per boat daily stay is remaining low.

The Digital Marina Web Services business concept is related to the development of a digital platform which supports existing services of marinas and provides new digital  information services and entertainment services to the clients of a marina accessed through wireless internet connection.  Thus digital marina enhances the need for marina community based web services.
In principle these web services consist of four main elements:

  1. The marketing element which is a Content Management System (CMS) which dynamically organises and presents the full range of services offered by the marina (with description text, photos, videos and current prices).
  2. The information element which acts in line with the marketing CMS and includes separate sub-elements for weather forecast, cruising support, presentation of touristic sights, etc.
  3. The transaction management element which includes sections for managing applications for marina services. This element could be upgraded to a complete ERP package for the marina financial management as well as management of resources.
  4. The entertainment element which is a software package which supports watching TV channels and movies, listening to radio channels or recorded music and playing video games through the computer of the boat.

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