The drinking water of various underground sources is subject to purification and decontamination. Purification from solid particles is performed by filtering. For decontamination various types of disinfectants are used, most often chlorine-based. In Bulgaria such decontamination, i.e. placement of the disinfectant in the water, is performed mechanically. This method does not allow precise dispensing of the preparation. On the other hand it is difficult to maintain a permanent concentration of the used disinfectant in the drinking water. This leads to high concentration of chlorine compounds in the drinking water, which is harmful for the human body, or to too low concentration, which may let contaminated water in the water supply network. These problems may be overcome to a great extent by using the present development.


By the offered development, precise dispensing is ensured of the disinfectant in the process of drinking water decontamination. Easy and cheap observance of the normative requirements for the chemical compound of the water is achieved, more specifically for the presence of free chlorine. The maximum allowed quantities of free chlorine in drinking water according to the Bulgarian regulatory requirements are 0,3 to 0,4 mg/l.

The Installation of disinfection of drinking water includes water source connected to the mains, which is diverted from the inlet manifold equipped with an inlet valve. Suction pipe is introduced into the upper vessel for drinking water. Opposite the inlet manifold is displayed overflow. Court is located on the tank in the decontamination solution. At the bottom of the container is mounted dispenser associated with the vertical inner tube, located in the reservoir. Between the stopcock and court is mounted filter module, which is made of tubular body , within which are arranged sequentially filter for mechanical waste filter material and fixed mesh plate. Dosage is connected with the vertical inner tube by tee above the decontamination solution.
Horizontal deviation of the tee is equipped with a curved top vent. Above the level of decontamination solution is mounted exhaust pipe connected to the chamber for disinfected drinking water.

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