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PART a: IDENTIFICATION OF R&D Result                                                                      

PARTEA A: Identificarea rezultatului cercetării-deZvoltării (CD)

·         The project team

Echipa proiectului

Advisor’s Name:Nume: Department for Technologies and MaterialsProject: Earthquake analysis of the SF6 circuit breaker used in power centrals
Phone:Telefon:  +40.723.163396
E-mail: dumitrudc10@yahoo.com 
Expecting date of valorization plan submission:Data aşteptată pentru trimiterea planului de valorizare  20.02.2012

·         Identification of R&D activity

Identificarea activităţii de cercetare-dezvoltare (CD)

Acronym:Acronim: DTM

Author of the R&D result:Autorul rezultatului CD:  Dr. Eng. Negru Mihai
Company or University:Companies au universitate:  UNIVERSITY OF  CRAIOVA, ROMANIA 
Phone:Telefon:  + 40 723 693178
E-mail: negrumih@yahoo.com
Sector:Domeniu:  ENG – Engineering
Type of the R&D result:Tipul rezultatului CD:  Earthquake Simulation


Partea B: Planul de valorizare


Please provide a short description of the state-of-the-art and/or current trends in the field? How does the result fit into it?

Vă rugăm să faceţi o scurtă prezentare a celor mai importante realizări în domeniu şi/sau tendinţele actuale? Cum se încadrează rezultatul CD în acest context?

Current trends in the field:
- Design, taking into account the structure non-linearity are associated with a reduction of forces arising from elastic analysis. Movements are therefore checked by an approximate method.
This is the method (concept) based on forces.- Concept whereby directly taking into account the movements and accurate assessment of non-linear behavior having in view that each structural element is a more realistic (objective) approximation. This is the method (concept) based on performance.

In the present project it is proposed to provide technical information on solving the problem of earthquake analysis of an SF6 circuit breaker used in power plants.


This FEM model can be used to optimize the actual resistance structure of the high-voltage circuit breaker in order to achieve a better resistance during earthquakes. The optimized structure of SF6 circuit breaker can be used in high power centrals for a higher safety during earthquakes.






What is the problem/need/knowledge gap that the research result is responding to?  How was it addressed before?Care este problema/necesitatea/deficitul de cunoştinţe la care a cărei soluţionare contribuie rezultatul cercetării ? A fost acest aspect abordat anterior?
Knowledge gap that the research results is addressing:
- Sizing  of SF6 circuit breakers;
- Earthquake analysis of SF6 circuit breakers used in power plants.The project is beneficial for the environment and safety of persons carrying out their activities in this business field.



What is the potential for further research?Care este potenţialul pentru cercetarea viitoare?
From technical and scientific standpoint it is required to develop different virtual models of SF6 circuit breakers subjected to seismic loads. The research results are complying with the research & promotion directions of structural analysis using finite element method.The need to develop such products is justified by the resulting consequences (reduced cost, reliability in exploitation)





What is the proposed method of IPR-protection? (patent, license, trademark etc.)Care este metoda propusă pentru protecţia drepturilor de proprietate intelectua (brevet, licenţă, marcă înregistrată etc.)
It is proposed the protection of intellectual property rights of research results by technology licensing.




What are the steps that need to be taken in order to secure the IPR-protection? What is the cost of IPR-protection?Care sunt etapele ce trebuie parcurse pentru a se asigura drepturile de proprietate intelectuală? Care este costul pentru asigurarea proprietăţii intelectuale?
The main steps that are mentioned in the license contract refers to the following:
- The right to unlimitedly  use the license;
- The geographical area where the license is manifested;
- Time duration and causes that can determine withdrawal of the license;
- Set of services that the licensee shall grant to the beneficiary company;
- Measures to protect designs, technologies and other items subject to intellectual and industrial property rights.




What is you overall assessment of the scientific maturity of the research result?Care este evaluarea generală a maturităţii ştiinţifice a rezultatului CD?
Develop a set of original knowledge addressing the seismic analysis using MEF of SF6 circuit breakers used in power plants. 

The following results were obtained for three type of earthquake:

-          earthquake type AF2  (<5.5 degrees Richter)

-          earthquake type AF3  (5.5…7 degrees Richter)

-          earthquake type AF5  (> 7 degrees Richter)


The results of this research study are the final step of the entire process of earthquake simulation and consist in determination of displacements and stresses values achieved during three types of earthquake (AF2, AF3, AF5).

Analyzing the computed values we can see that in the case of the circuit breaker the most vulnerable parts are the isolator columns made by ceramics for which the admissible stress is  s = 40 MPa.

During earthquake type AF2 the stress value over the isolator parts are smaller then 40 MPa, so all three poles (A, B and C) stand out to a AF2 seism.

By comparing with the value of 40.3 MPa determined by FEA for the lower part of the isolator column of the pole “C” it can be considered that the pole “C” stand out to a seism type AF3 corresponding to a 7 degrees seism on Richter scale. Similar conclusions can  be made for pole “A”. Some problems are with the pole “B”, because of the rigid connections with poles “A” and “C” and looseness of the shrinkages.

For seism type AF5 the stresses obtained are superior to the admissible value of the stress for ceramics material so, the base isolator of the pole C and B will collapse. The conclusion is that the resistance structure of the SF6 circuit breaker is not performing well during AF5 seism, and is necessary to optimize the structure. The optimization can be done using the Finite Element model used in this study.

The numerical results obtained in this study are commonly used in engineering practice to design optimal spatial structure of SF6 circuit breakers used in power plants or to anticipate and check-up effective efforts of the structure subject to seismic testing.







Evaluare cantitativă (0-5)

Please put X as appropriate.

Vă rugăm să marcaţi cu X  punctajul considerat corespunzător

1 2 3 4 5
Scientific maturityMaturitate ştiinţifică X
SynergiesSinergii X
State-of-the-art/innovationCele mai importante realizări în domeniu/grad de inovare X
IPR-potentialPotenţialul privind drepturile de proprietate intelectuală X



We agree that all informations contained in this form to be made public in the project „Inter-regional cooperation for valorization of research results – INTERVALUE”, by publication on the project website: http://www.urenio.org/intervalue/.

Suntem de acord ca informaţiile cuprinse în acest formular să fie făcute publice în cadrul proiectului „Inter-regional cooperation for valorization of research results – INTERVALUE”, prin publicarea lor pe site-ul proiectului, la adresa: http://www.urenio.org/intervalue/.

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