EasyCarry is a software platform full-web technology based.
The EasyCarry objective is to integrate in a single and unique product the transport services offered by operators of different geographical range (local, regional, continental). Additionally, it fills up the temporal vacuums of the single carrier offers, and at the same time it optimizes the delivery costs and time.
The customer can access to the EasyCarry platform through a simple and transparent web-procedure, selecting among the available options its preference about the service needed.
Similarly, the operators who want to offer their services, will be able to set up, with a simple web-procedure, the typology and operational mode of their services/products.
The EasyCarry platform architecture is general purpose, so it is able to adapt itself to the offer of different products and to the solution of disparate logistic demands.
The product is characterized by different features, e.g.: class (Shipping service, General good, etc.), group (Personal baggage, Cover accessories, Bag Assurance, etc.), typology (Basic, Standard, Extra, etc.), unit of measurement/selling (kg, lb, etc.), selling/purchasing mode, customs duty and other country taxes (fixed or percentage), purchase price, selling price, shipping charges, etc.
Therefore the platform versatility comes from the characterization of these parameters.
With reference to the technologic platform, the operative system is MS Windows Server 2008, while for the database it is used DBMS MS SQL Server 2008/2005.
The web container is Apache Tomcat 6.x.x and all the development will be realized in Java/J2EE technology.



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