Technical feasibility

SECTION I: Testing


Has the R & D result been tested?





The following question is replied according to the reply in question 1


If yes


In what mode has the result been tested?•              Prototype

•              Pilot Application

•              Alpha/BETA testing


1b. Please describe and discuss the testing results
The connection is established which is offered by the patent solution.The security and the fast building of the construction are also achieved during this testing period. The precision In the process of building was also tested in this phase and it has been shown as a very effective.



SECTION 2: Current Stage of Development


To what extent does the development team have technical resources for supporting the production of a new product? (Researchers, human resources, hardware, etc. )
In this moment just additional funds are needed. The production technology is very well developed. The technical documentation is ready for preparation of the devices and the machinery for the scale production of the new elements. The new machinery and the devices are essential for this stage because there isn’t any similar machinery on which we can relay for the production.There is no need of additional human resources.


What are the technical issues that need to be tackled for full deployment, if needed?
There aren’t any deficiencies because the main advantage is the geometrical shape. The technical details about the material needs to be finalized. The main problem about the material is that PERLIT as one of the essential material for this product it is not produced in Macedonia.There are some locations in Macedonia where you can find the PERLIT but there isn’t any specific factory that is processing this material in order to be used for the ECO BLOCK. The nearest PERLIT can be found in Greece.

The innovator is making some basic negotiation with the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy in order to include them and their laboratories in processing the PERLIT in to useful row material for the ECO BLOCK.


What additional technical resources are needed for the production of this new product?
PERLIT, as a main part from the material for ECO BLOCK. Machinery for processing the PRELIT.



Overall assessment of the current stage of technical development.



SECTION 3: Deployment


Define the demands for large scale production in terms of
  • Materials
  • technologies, tools, machineries
Machinery for PERLIT expansion, devices for production of the prefabricated elements
  • Staff effort
2 Mechanical Engineers2 Architects

2 Technicians (with additional training for handling the machinery)

SECTION 4: Overall Assessment


What is you overall assessment of the technical feasibility of the research result?
The technical feasibility of the ECO BLOCK is on very high level and it is very feasible. This is confirmed with the new agreement of installment of the ECO BLOCK’s in the construction of one new building in Skopje which will be the biggest shopping mall in the City. As the innovator has the facilities and the production capacity to produce this big amount of order by the investor, can once again only confirm the readiness of this product to be commercialized on the market.In just short comment the overall assessment is that this product EKO BLOCK is very technically feasible and it has finished all necessary testing, and is ready for scale production.



Please put X as appropriate. 1 2 3 4 5
Adequacy of testing activity undertaken so far   X  
Adequacy and availability of technical resources of the development team   X  
Current development stage     X
Overall technical feasibility     X




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