To verify the mathematical model of shaping mechanism motion in the regime with shocks and to analyze the shock influence about shaping mechanism function, it is necessary an adequate equipment.
As machine-tool, it is chosen, the shaping type SC425 because the processing is made in the first phase at he tool entering in chip, with shocks. Processing determines shaping mechanism function in regime with shocks, what implies the appearance of some jumps of linear velocities of mechanism couplings and angular velocities of elements. The shock at the entering in chip is equivalent to an application of a collision on driving element of shaping mechanism.
For this reason, it is necessary to measure the variations in time of the following dimensions:
- linear course of the ram;
- rotational course of driving shaft;
- acceleration of one point situated on the tool-support;
- acceleration of one point situated on the ram.
To emphasize the processing force percussion and to analyze the influence of force on the motion it is necessary to measure the processing force variation in time. For the measurement of the processing force is used a dynamometric device.

Apparatus system for measurement and processing of all parameters mentioned above comprises: dynamometric device, accelerometers, translator of linear and angular course, charge amplifiers, tensometric bridge, numerical acquisition of data interface and computer Notebook with software for acquisition and processing TestPoint-Keithley.
Dynamometric Device
The dynamometric device for measurement of force is placed in the tool-support place. This device is made up three principal parts: body, traps and special support. The contact between support and traps is realized by a packet of disk springs. This assures the maintaining of support in the initial position. Also, the packet has the role to support from back. This supporting mode permits the transmission of processing force on the traps.
On the device plate are stuck resistive tensometric translators in complete bridge. Because of the force action, the plate is deformed and the deformation is noticed by translators and is measured by a tensometric bridge.

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