Full Name

Tivadar Lippényi

Short CV

Born in 1949, graduated in 1973 from the faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University Budapest. 1986, university doctorate degree, 1984 a second diploma on philosophy.
Professional experience:
1973 – 1984 research fellow at the Central Research Institute for Physics on lasers and optomechanics, developed laser surgery equipment for otolaryngology and took part in different R&D projects of solid-state and gas IR lasers and precision mechanical devices.
1981-1982 scientific scholarship in Carleton University, Ottawa.
1984 – 1991 he was employed by Tungsram Co., where he worked on different positions on laser development and production. 1987 -1991 managing director of Tungsram Laser Technology Ltd.
1992-1995 director of Polus Consulting Ltd., expert on innovation policy and innovative business development.
1995 -1999 managing director of INNOSTART National Business and Innovation Centre
1999 – 2002 owner and managing director of INNOLT Ltd.
2002 -2004 Chief Advisor and the head of the Innovation Department of the Hungarian Prime Minister’s Office.
2004 – 2010 The vice president of the National Office for Research and Technology. He is responsible for the regional innovation development of Hungary and he designed and manages the Network of Regional Innovation Agencies. Mr. Lippenyi worked out the innovation voucher system: Innocheck.
Since 2010 March: The Chief Executive Officer of ELI-Hu Ltd. Coordinator of the Extreme Light Infrastucture program of Hungary
Since 2011 owner and managing director of INNOGYL Consulting Ltd.



Fields of Expertise

Innovation management

Contact Details

Theodor Puskás Foundation
Mailing address: P.O.B. 570, Budapest, H-1398
mobile: +3630 5250808
Phone: (+36-1) 301 20 30