Due to the numerous approaches and styles of producers it is hard to identify clear market processes, but by examining the trends it comes out that since the 2000s faucets with rather artistic and attention attracting design are gaining ground on those with average appearance. People tend to treat their bathroom as a form of self expression instead of the previous, functionalist approach.


The design of the sink faucet called „Motion” is particular even at the first sight, since the whole body is practically a single curved tube. The handle is also cylindrical, it is attached to the body in the lower part. Furthermore, the faucet has the specialty that the form of the body and that of the stream of water create an organic image, since the pressure will make the water continue the bent shape of the tap when opening it entirely. Due to its smooth and rounded forms, the product is secure. The unconventional and playful design guarantees an easy handling as well, since the asymmetric set-up brings the handle close to the stream of water and so usage does not need huge hand movements. This way the faucet is ideal mainly for right-handed people.

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