Determination of parameters of interest, System Architecture Design and integration of sensors in vehicles.

The R&D result is addressed to a fleet of vehicles, public or private, for goods or for people who need to control mechanisms and policies, because the increase of number of vehicles themselves can make a difference in the competitiveness of business and management costs. In addition, to have the availability of quickly logistical information about the operation of the fleet, it can be crucial to get the advantage of full potential and minimize maintenance’s costs.If we consider that the vehicles, make every day many kilometres of roads, through a different series of conditions and environments whose characteristics may affect the performance of the same (ie. presence of snow or ice) or otherwise be of interest to third parties (ie. the ambient air temperature for climatic analysis) we can realize that, in order to have available remotely and in real-time information can be a significant added value compared to the primary service which the fleet is concerned.

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