The present project objective aims at studying the relationship between physical properties and release of volatile aroma compounds and their perception in amorphous food systems. The study will use as model systems of confectionery products, particularly those rubbery and Gelled that are of particular interest for the simultaneous presence of biopolymers able to interact with the volatile compounds, and sugars which, on the one hand, influence the physical state and rheology of the product for interaction with other biopolymers, and affect, or favoring inhibiting the breakdown in the vapor phase of the birds. The study will be developed in two phases: (1) study of role of the formulation of the confectionery products on the physical properties and physical state on the retention of the birds, (2) study the variation of physical and structural characteristics of candy and the release / retention of the aroma during storage. The study involves the use of conventional instrumental analytical techniques and innovative for the physical and chemical characterization of model systems in real-study and the study of the issue / retention of the aroma which is associated with sensory analysis. In this project is provided (i) the development of application but a study of high scientific impact to increase the knowledge base necessary to facilitate the optimization of food formulations, (ii) a training program of a researcher to be included in food companies with high expertise in the field of flavorings; (iii) the transfer of research results to the world of food production.

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