The technology proposed allows production of fine jewelry and souvenirs from precious metals.
It is almost impossible to create a golden/silver identical to flower or a leaf for example, keeping all it’s details identically the same. The proposed technology is an easy and cost defective way to use the galvanization process for the jewelery, optics, medicine and machine building industry where golden, silver / platinum coating is needed.


Galvanisation is an electrodeposition process used to add a thin layer of another metal to a ferrous substrate, in order to prevent rusting, include applying a protective metallic coating to an underlying piece of metal.
The company developed a new way of the galvanisation usage – coating of different shaped objects with gold, silver and platinum.
The technology allows to proceed metal, plants, textile and etc. and to crate a golden /silver object with all the fine details it has.
The technology is cost and time saving, energy efficient, unite and ecological.

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