The conventional combustion efficiency in most cases reaches less than 85-90% even though they are in a perfect technical condition. Replacement for more advanced equipment is very expensive and wasteful not only due to the replacement itself but also why in most cases it requires a flue channel upgrading of the system (chimney lining).

The Greentech chimney-mounted device  recovers the heat from the exhaust gas of the household size combustion plants, it uses the waste energ. It means that up to 30% of heating and hot water cost savings can be achieved. Suitable for gas, oil or solid fuel installations max. 200 mm exhaust gas pipe. The device is made of stainless steel, water space,  jumper  pipes, exhaust manifold and hydraulic composed.

Using the flue gas heat-exchanger is environmentally friendly and economical to extend the operating time of the boilers.

The Greentech mini exhaust gas heat exchanger is ready for production, and can be sold in a very large amount.

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