The grounding:

The process of making a planned, continuous, connection between NON-CURRENT CARRYING parts of the electrical wiring installation and the earth and some other conducting body.
The bonding is critical in this matter. It is the process in which all NON-CURRENT CARRYING METALLIC parts of the electrical wiring system are permanently joined together to form a CONTINUOUS grounding path. The bonding reduces the differences in potential between each electrical system may be caused by power surges, lightning strikes or other types of ground fault type occurences.

The technical solution of this invention is a prefabricated steel/bronze (copper) connecting piece that  is connected between ferrous and cuprous parts. Due to the corrosion resistant connection the life time of grounding post significantly increased.

The technology can be interesting for a company dealing with outdoor installations required stabile grounding. If a potential manufacturer adopts the know-how, a further development would be useful, aiming different standardized connecting elements with this special anticorrosion coating. The “product-family” could be a set of these standardized joints.


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