“Haptic RIA Maps” is a web application (developed and funded by EU FP7 AEGIS project) that enables haptic exploration of any map area supported by the online OpenStreetMap web service[1]. All 3D map data are automatically generated by the application. Moreover all audio messages (about road names, crossroads, POIs, etc.) are automatically generated on-the-fly, taking into account cursor’s current position. During haptic exploration, the visually impaired user is informed about his/her current position via audio messages (if cursor is on a road, user can be informed about current road’s name / if cursor is on a POI, user can hear POI’s description). The user may also be informed about the distance between current position and the next crossroad (the application takes into account user’s moving direction) as well as the road names of the intersected roads. A sonification mechanism (5 different sounds with different pitch) provides a quick and easy way for realizing the distance between current position and the next crossroad. Additionally, user can be informed via audio messages about the distance between current position and all the POIs of the map area as well as the position of each POI relative with user’s current position (north, south, west, east, north-west, north-east, south-west, south-east).

·       The project team


Advisor’s Name:  Dimitrios Tzovaras
Phone: +302311257777
Expecting date of valorization plan submission: 10/12/2011

·       Identification of R&D activity

Acronym: Haptic RIA Maps +WaaT
Author of the R&D result: Dimitrios Tzovaras
Company or University: CERTH/ITI
Phone: +302311257777
Type of the R&D result: software


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