IP protection

1 Problem / need / knowledge gap
Incubated companies have different business cycle than normal enterprises do and thus different needs. Before this research result fragmented pieces of tools for general purposes were used that provided non satisfactory or not fully integrated solutions for the hosted companies and the incubators.
2 Alternative applied solutions
The specific digital platform is the only complete and fully integrated tool package for incubators and incubating enterprises, so far. Other digital platforms exist and are used by incubators, but they offer tools for generic purposes mainly, not targeted to their special needs. Also, there is no tool in these platforms that bridges the company with the market.
3 Similar Patents
4 IPR protection of the R&D result
The R&D result is Copyright protected. Copyright gives the owner of an original work the exclusive right, to authorize or prohibit, indicatively (not exclusively) to copy or reproduce the work in any manner of form, to translate it into another language, to adapt or do other arrangements of their work, or in any way to amend the work, to issue the original or copies of the work to the public, to lease the work, to perform, to show, or to play the work to the public, to broadcast the work to the public, through radio, or television, to prohibit the importation of copies of the work that were produced in a non EU member, or in an EU member without his authorization, etc.
5 Procedures for IPR protection
Copyright is an unregistered right so there is no official action to take and it comes into effect immediately. Copyright is created at the moment of the creation of the work, on a worldwide basis.

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