The meat industry faces two major obstacles represented by the costs and the waste due to a poor shelf life. In recent years, moreover, emergencies related to climate change and floods has often experienced in the Abruzzo region, with consequent interruption of the chain cold leads to giving priority to the stability of refrigerated products. This phenomenon has most critical during disasters such as earthquakes, in which whole communities have been regional face serious problems in relation to both food supplies, and evaluation suitability of the use of stocks of perishable products. The constraints of shelf life of fresh meat occurs both oxidative and technology, both by the growth of pathogenic microorganisms and degradative. The project will affect the competitiveness of the beef industry, with particular attention to the problem the quality and stability of the product under refrigeration. The consumer is increasingly interested in the purchase and consumption of high quality products, at the same time presenting characteristics of greater stability while maintaining the chemical-physical and sensorial profile typical of the ordinary product.

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