The growth of the Internet is an ongoing process: only twenty-five years ago it was connecting about a thousand hosts and has grown ever since to link billions people through computers and mobile devices. One major next step in this development is to progressively evolve from a network of interconnected computers to a network of interconnected objects, from books to cars, from electrical appliances to food, and thus create an ‘Internet of things’  (IoT). By adopting a proactive approach, Europe could play a leading role in shaping how IoT works and reap the associated benefits in terms of economic growth and individual well-being, thus making the Internet of things an Internet of things for people. Failing to do so would mean missing an important opportunity and could place Europe into a position where it is forced to adopt technologies that have not been designed with its core values in mind, such as the protection of privacy and personal data.

The ITC platform is based around simply putting virtual building blocks together to form complete apps, although more complex arrangements are also possible. When apps are complete, users can purchase and download them Different apps could be combined in order to get various devices working together.

ITC has provided an entire open source platform where both data and source code are made available. It has garnered a growing community of companies and individuals looking to kick start their Internet of Things projects, products, and services ITC  technology includes a Web services platform that customers can use to extend the technology for many applications.  

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