The initial problem situation is the need for customized or able to be customized indoor light sources. The design goal was a novel, innovative, attractive ‘lamp’. An explicit requirement was the variable modularity and/or flexibility. Due to that the design had to be able to adapt to various personal customer needs. The design had to follow the LED technology trend.


As a result a modular, easy-to-assemble lighting system was designed. It is adaptable for the personal needs in multiple means. The basic pattern is a quarter of circle-shaped housing with the LED units inside. Whatever could be combined from consequent or looped circle quarters, it can be done with this lighting system. One technical unit is one ‘C’ shape, which can easily converted into ‘S’ shape. The light emitting shapes are numerous, the set could be extended in either directions in plane. The base is made of wood, the lighting units sit in grooves keeping the different parts together. These linkages enable the system to lead the current on.  It is easy to assemble and use the system, and is also safe due to the low voltage. The emitted light intensity could be set by the user; he decides how many lighting units he wants to use. The wooden elements can be finished with any colour of lacquer, so that the product could be more unique, and widens the possible areas to be used.

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