The reduction in power consumption for public lighting system is very important for the sustainable and eco-friendly urban development.
The proposed R&D result is creating a new type of urban communication by multiple (3 to 10 times) reduction in power consumption and motoring of the lighting systems.
LMS integral solves three main tasks:
1.Maximum savings – ultra-low consumption and almost no maintenance service 2. Lighting control – switch on , switch off, regulation – according to a given algorithm. Individual control of illumination for each lamp.
3. The system allows the following additional options: • emergency alarm systems / tel.112, panic button /; • monitoring weather / temperature, humidity, atm. pressure, dust, , radiation background, etc /. • transmission of audio / speech to build public speaker and / or alarm systems; • CCTV at key sites; • data – for public supply or access the Internet; • working with WEB based software in real time


LMS integral system is a system to manage lighting networks with integrated features for monitoring lighting, temperature, movement, power, time interval, and transmission of data from lamp to another and to PC. Each fixture can operate in a standalone program, set by the user. Internal connection of the system is a network point (PLC -220 volts) and / or radio channel and / or additional communication cable.

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