1. Integrate two existing ICT solutions with physical training equipment, thus delivering innovative ageing well / independent-living support services for elders
  2. Demonstrating the significant impact potential of LLM service in five different countries
  3. Verify the technical, organisational and legal feasibility of LLM service along the complete value chain of stakeholders
  4. Verify the sustainability, scalability and applicability of LLM services across Europe


Long Lasting Memories (LLM) project regards the market validation of an integrated ICT platform which combines state-of-the-art mental exercises against cognitive deterioration with physical activity in the framework of an advanced ambient assisted living environment. By enforcing the unprecedented approach of simultaneously inducing neural and corporal stimulation in a safe and controlled environment, this platform delivers an effective countermeasure against age-related cognitive decline, thus significantly reducing chances of mild dementia or Alzheimer’s disease appearance.

In Particular, LLM Service is the integration of three components:

  • Cognitive Training Content (Gradior, Brainfitness)
  • Physical Training Content (FitForAll)
  • Independent Living Content (eHome)

The integration of the existing components provides a high-quality innovative service, actively improving the quality of life of the elderly and prolonging the time they can remain independent at home, while respecting ethical and legal boundaries.

The LLM project perform a 15-month market validation of this service of four consecutive rounds in 5 EU Member countries, thus targeting for a wide impact on the entire Union. This experience combined with the analysis of current market trends in the field of ICT solutions for ageing well result into the development of a business plan for the viability, sustainability and scalability of the LLM service. Finally, effective cooperation of public authorities and private institutions are pursued through extensive dissemination activities as an effort to promote a business model based on public and private-partnership.

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