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  • An INTERVALUE Valorisation Plan
  • An INTERVALUE Valorisation Plan
  • An INTERVALUE Valorisation Plan
  • The seat comprises two halves arranged in a mirror-like fashion with respect to the longitudinal axis of the bike and consisting of rear seat surfaces hinged to front seat surfaces through a spatial link mechanism. There is also a nose - it stays like a cap on the clamp and helps rider to steer the bike. The mounting of this seat begins from the available conventional clamp. The front seat surfaces, the under-thigh parts, are hinged to the rear seat surfaces through a spatial link mechanism. The main goal of the construction is providing maximum support of the bike rider during the ride. The gluteus fold of the human body, also known as the gluteus sulcus or horizontal gluteus crease, is one of the leading features which define the design of this seat.
  • TRENDS is a software application which can be used to make projections of the vehicle stock development up to the year 2030.
  • The tool estimates policies as road pricing, public transport pricing, emission standards, subsidies for cleaner cars etc.,
  • COPERT is a user-friendly MS Windows software application to calculate emissions from road-transport.
  • Combining the use of renewable and alternative energy on a high efficiency level applying eco-friendly state-of-the-art technical solutions.
  • Moveo - Foldable Ultra Light Electric Scooter
  • The new microligt aircraft was designed from high level aircraft wing and eckran technology. Тhe aircraft is a result of several new technologies developed and applied by the company - technology included high temperature treatment of the composites; technology of universal landing gear technology for inner part of the wing. As result from all we have everywhere low speed landing strong aircraft, ignoring runways and airfields.
  • The technology and additives for bright tin plating is designed for electrolysis deposition of tin coatings primarily in the sphere of electronics, but in some cases it is applicable for the food, pharmaceutical and automotive industries. The innovation represents an electrolyte of sulfates and the sulfuric acid. There are two additives- starting (dispersive) and consumables with gloss and countervailing action. The product is applicable for stationary and the drum tanks at room temperature (15 to 30oC). An important requirement for these coatings is excellent welding whereas they also have antiseptic properties and high corrosion resistance. As a result, the innovative solution achieves a 100% efficiency in corrosion resistance and welding features - the latter is especially necessary for their application in electrical engineering and electronics.
  • The technology and additives for bright plating using electrolyte able to self-clean of ferrous contamination represent a new generation technology for electrolysis for bright protective nickel coatings (decorative effect) on devices and components of iron, copper and brass. An important feature of the innovative solution is that the stabilizing additive contained in the electrolyte ensures association in a soluble complex of the inevitably accumulated therein impurities of iron ions,whereas it also runs a process of continuous self-cleaning (the innovation).
  • Coatings are often used to protect metals from corrosion and to extend their working life. Electrical engineers are concerned with corrosion affecting electrical contacts. In other words, corrosion is the wearing away of metals due to a chemical reaction. Corrosion and its effect can lead to critical failures in construction, industry and transport if not prevented or treated timely and properly.Rust convertor LR-3 is a multi-component mixture in a liquid phase - the latter consists of inorganic salts, organic matter (the innovative solution) and a negligible amount of water. The active ingredients for the conversion of rust are the inorganic salts having an adsorption-oxidation effect, and the complex-forming agents.
  • A Bulgarian company designed an Innovative automatic clutch for cost-effective automobile production. The clutch transforms a car with ordinary gear-box into a car with semi-automatic gear-box. The transformed car is easier for drive, especially in heavy traffic conditions due to the removal of the clutch pedal - the biggest advantage of the automatic gear-box.
  • The springless valve system has a prototype created and installed on a standard engine. The construction allows saving of over 30% of the aluminum compared to the ordinary valve system. The practical tests showed 13,5 times lower rotation resistance as compared to the ordinary valve system. These two characteristics result in 5-8% of fuel economy and reduce the release of harmful emissions in the atmosphere.

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