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  • An INTERVALUE Valorisation Plan
  • he renewable energy sources are one of the main priority of the European policy. A comparative economic analysis between photovoltaic (PV) and thermoelectric (TE) generators used to provide lighting for isolated rural homes is presented. Although panel costs are similar in both cases, appreciable lower generation costs are obtained by TEs. . The Bulgarian company developed a technology that utilizes the thermo-panels advantages by constructing roofs based on them and thus providing an opportunity to residential homes and industrial buildings to be fully and independently supplied with electricity.
  • The new fire protection technology along with technical devices and water-based solutions containing phosphorous and nitrogen fire retardants have been developed and successfully tested for industrial approval. The plasma-aided technology for impregnation of porous media with fire retardants has been developed for wood, textile, and open-pore foamed polymers. It may take place in industrial conditions or on site with the client, no matter where and how the object to be fire-protected is located.

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