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  • A pervasive system of audio and video recording for surveillance
  • Detector of congestion in highway or roadway traffic
  • An innovative eolic generator
  • An innovative approach to fabricate customised cranial inplants
  • A new type of autoadaptive and dynamic façade system
  • A distributed scheme to store the references
  • A protocol that allows to do video streaming to a large number of users
  • A synchronous integrated MAC protocol for bidirectional communication over a strip of wireless devices
  • An INTERVALUE Valorisation Plan
  • OrganiK Knowledge Management Web 2.0 Platform
  • A Bulgarian company designed an Innovative automatic clutch for cost-effective automobile production. The clutch transforms a car with ordinary gear-box into a car with semi-automatic gear-box. The transformed car is easier for drive, especially in heavy traffic conditions due to the removal of the clutch pedal - the biggest advantage of the automatic gear-box.
  • The springless valve system has a prototype created and installed on a standard engine. The construction allows saving of over 30% of the aluminum compared to the ordinary valve system. The practical tests showed 13,5 times lower rotation resistance as compared to the ordinary valve system. These two characteristics result in 5-8% of fuel economy and reduce the release of harmful emissions in the atmosphere.
  • Industrial processes are tightly connected with emission of enormous amount of waste gases, waste waters, and solid waste. These are either by-products or end-products of the plant operational cycle or the combustion process itself. The carbon intensive economy relies on fossil fuels and is emitter of green house gases, toxic gases, waste waters rich of organic and inorganic substances, as well as fly and bottom ash. Waste possess a threat to the environment and to human health, as it is toxic yet abundant.
  • Very common and frequent problem in the construction and daily life is the identification of multi-cable breaks. The proposed device is designed to facilitate technicians and service specialists in identifying the exact location of multi-cables breaks. It shows the localisation of the break in meters when attached to the measured cable. The device can be used for UTP, FTP, phone cables, electricity cables, underground network cables CABT, etc.
  • An INTERVALUE Valorisation Plan
  • An INTERVALUE Valorisation Plan
  • Open platform to commercialize tourism destination platforms
  • Software for advanced artificial vision
  • A platform that provide digital services to cities
  • The innovative mobile phone charger works autonomously and independently, it does not use external sources of electric power and produces electricity by itself. The power produced has parameters to charge the phone battery as much as it requires. The device has specific construction which charges with equal portions the phone battery with the necessary electric power. Several minutes of device’s operation are enough to ensure charge for a short phone call. For the battery’s full charge a more persistent operation with the device is required. While charging incoming and outgoing calls can be made. The capacity of the device is 1000 charging cycles. The device is compact, portable and easy to carry. Its size is the same as the phone’s one. It is eco- friendly and easy to manipulate. The system is not affected by climatic conditions and it functions at temperature range from -200C to 500C.

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