There are existing tools available (e.g. Analyze) but are based solely on brain atlas information, and take no advantage of current active contour based solutions. Active contours though take advantage of image information and by appropriate blending with prior knowledge inside their formulation they can be very efficient and accurate. Thus, today’s challenge is how to better model prior knowledge and insert it in the active contour evolution framework and how to use it together with atlas information.

·       The project team


Advisor’s Name: Dr. Petros Daras
Phone: +30 2310 464160 int. 277
Expecting date of valorization plan submission: -

·       Identification of R&D activity

Acronym: MEDiPRO (MEDical imaging PROcessing)
Author of the R&D result: Dimitrios Zarpalas
Company or University: CERTH/ITI
Phone: +30 2310 464160 int. 145
Sector: Research & Development
Type of the R&D result: Medical imaging processing software


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